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River City Window and Door is a family-owned business serving Richmond, Virginia and the surrounding area. By replacing your existing front door with one of our beautifully designed doors you can improve your home’s curb appeal while adding energy efficiency and added security for your family. Our energy efficient replacement doors can dramatically improve the utility, functionality and beauty of...

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Richmond Window Replacement offers top rated and professional Window Replacement in Richmond. [Read More]

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    Vinyl Windows, Wood Windows, Fiberglass Windows, Double Hung Windows, Casement Windows
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    We specialize in wood and vinyl replacement windows, along with beautifully crafted fiberglass entry doors and patio doors.
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    Simonton, ProVia, Thermal Industries, Simpson

Window Replacement Tips

Window Replacement Tips

Richmond Window Replacement provides detailed tips and information on the most frequently asked questions to help you make the right choice. [Window Replacement ]

Richmond Window Replacement | Wood and Vinyl Replacement Windows

Older homes lose about 25% of heating and cooling energy through single pane wooden frame windows. Improperly hung or aging cheap vinyl windows can also result in energy dollars escaping into the wide outdoors.

Disadvantages of Wood and Single Panes

Wooden window frames do what wood naturally does in different seasons; they expand when warm and contract when cold. Expansion of the frame in the heat of summer can prevent the window from being completely closed even when you think it is. Your air conditioner works overtime to compensate for cool air seeping through the resulting cracks. If you cannot lock your window it is probably not seating properly in the frame due to expansion, and is also creating a danger to your family home being invaded by intruders. Contraction of the wood allows small spaces between the sash and the frame, through which precious heat can be lost in the winter. If you can feel a draft around the edges of the windows your home’s comfort level is being compromised.

Cheap Vinyl

 Improperly installed windows of any material can be costly in energy waste, and cheap vinyl windows that are past their prime not only cost the homeowner in higher monthly bills but lose their charm. Cheaply produced vinyl windows yellow with age, become chalky and deteriorate more easily with the heat of the sun. Good quality vinyl windows are a definite investment in the future of your home. They are durable, affordable and energy efficient, maintenance costs are minimal (mainly keeping them clean), and they can be customized in a wide range of styles to increase your home’s curb appeal and are quickly and easily installed.

Richmond Window Replacement specialists have the expertise to properly install the finest vinyl windows for enduring value and energy savings.